has built in a secured and full-featured online shopping cart system accepting different types of payment methods as below:

Paypal and Credit Cards accepts Paypal, one of the most popular payment tools in the world, as the primary payment method. All orders placed online on our website could be paid instantly through Paypal.

For more information regarding how to make a payment by Paypal, please feel free to contact us or visit the official Payal website

Bank Transfer (5% discount)

While Paypal features in small amount transactions, it will charge high handling fees when it comes to large amount transfer. Therefore, also accepts payments through bank transfer (bank wire, wire transfer), the very traditional way to send payments. And we offer at least 5% discount for all orders paid by Bank Transfer.

Clients who order our products online on our website may choose Bank Transfer as the payment method during checkout process. we will soon reply with the discounted total payment amount, shipping freight, instructions to pay by Bank Transfer.

Western Union & Money Gram (10% discount)

Western Union, a well know financial service provider, is based in the United States and has more than 150 years of history. It offers one of the easiest ways for people to send and receive money around the world. Payments can either be made at a physical Western Union agent or on Western Union’s official website. After a payment is made, receiver could pick up the payment within 1 hour. offers 10% DISCOUNT for all orders paid by Western Union (check our discount policy for details).

For clients who order products onlineon our website, you may choose Western Union as the payment method during checkout. we will soon reply with the discounted total payment amount, shipping freight, instructions to pay by WesternUnion.

For more information about WesternUnion, please contact us or visit Western Union's official website

If you have any suggestions regarding our payment methods, welcome to contact usany time. We shall be glad to hear from you!
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